Project Poetry: Second Chances

Project Poetry: Second Chances

Calling all Poets. Submit your poems!
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Project ended on Dec 21,2021 at 09:30 pm PST
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Theme - Second chances 

When’s the last time you called someone who pissed you off? Turned an ex back into a friend? Held a hand out to someone over the political divide, even if it stings a little? Helped the old man all the way across the street after leaving him stuck halfway overnight? 

Many of us are realising what or who we care to lose. H.G Wells said that “the crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow.” Maybe you’re sharing that joke with people and situations you thought were entirely consigned to The Big Book Of Regret In Our Head. Or perhaps someone’s taken a second chance on you. Doesn’t matter. Write about it. We want poems that discuss the feeling and tangible touch of a relationship that really, in the grey light of disaster, just couldn’t be sacrificed.


  • Submissions must not exceed 3 poems or 360 lines.
  • Submissions must be typed and submitted through the editor
  • Submissions of visual poetry should be made as image uploads through the editor
  • Multiple submissions must be submitted separately
  • Poets may submit poems that are simultaneously submitted elsewhere. Poems that have been accepted by another publication should be withdrawn from Smple immediately.

Winners will be featured in the Official Magazine, Paper Issue 04 and Social Media.

Community Paper Issue 02 + Sticker sheet Bundle — SMPLE Studios

The Smple Community Paper is an ongoing publication where we feature unique submissions from our members. Issue 02 comes with a sticker sheet that contains 14 stickers.

Use the "Submit" button below to get started. We are looking forward to seeing your amazing work. Happy Creating!

Submissions Closed
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