Photography Project: Adventure

Photography Project: Adventure

Submit a series of photographs about a memorable adventure.
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Project ended on Jul 31,2021 at 07:59 pm PDT
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Project Details

Theme - Adventure 
Submission Type - Photos

Submit a series of photographs about a memorable adventure. Unleash your inner Thoreau. Or, failing that, Bear Grylls...Through your images, show us what happened on a night out in the city, a music festival, a camping trip, a park soiree or even something you experienced while stuck at home during quarantine.  

Remember its not the quality or skill behind the image, its the story that makes I memorable. Story > Gear

Submit your photos and 3 submissions will be featured in the Online Galleries*, Community Paper Issue 003 and Social Media. Depending on your location, some artists may also be invited to exhibit their work in Smple sponsored events (Date: TBD). 


1. Add a catchy Title; This would help you stand out from the competition
2. Upload 3-10 Images
3. In the Caption/Description area, bring us into the experience and tell us about your adventure.

*Creators featured in the Online Galleries will also earn revenue through ticket sales. Find out more about Smple Galleries HERE.
Small 500*500

Issue 002 Online Viewing Room

This online gallery is dedicated to showcasing the work of talented photographers from our community that are featured in our Paper Issue 02. Enjoy!

Submissions Closed
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