I never saw the first kiss coming
But when it did 
You were moments past a serenade 
Closing the distance between the latch and gate 
And my heart so full 
like a dozen hot air balloons 
Could have hovered me above ground for days 
As you pasted angle wings on my dainty shoulders 


   I never saw the first "I love you" coming 
It waited on the tip of my tongue
 like a child edging it's seat 
in antipation of the school bells resounding ring
As you pronounced the words like it was our own language 
 I spoke back unhesitatingly fluent 
  And my heart so happy 
Like a child on Christmas morning 
Could have matched the joy in heaven 


    I never saw the first heartbreak coming either 
But it's over blared from my phone like a thousand traffic lights
And my tears hit the ground in a desperate attempt to water the flowers 
So some beauty can come of this disaster
That comes so quietly yet is so loud 
Because after all even a disaster can be boxed and wrapped in a pretty bow 
But I never should have ripped it open 
You weren't worthy of the name gift

Because everything flatlined cause you decided I wasn't so holy...

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