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Co-Founder @ Smple💯🚀
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Arron Wildman

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Ross Heard

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Ross lives, works and writes in Manchester, England. When not losing himself in American literary or fantasy fiction, he writes regular tech and culture articles for SMPLE as well as long and short fiction.
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Mahmudul Hasan Sajib

Member since 05/2021

Always ready to capture moments...
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The Artful Brat

Member since 09/2021

I guess I'm an artist 🤷‍♀️ I dabble in photography, upcycling/ found object, mixed media, wired jewelry making and anywhere else my heart may take me.
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Hannah Cady

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Lori Motola

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Poet | Writer | Meditation Mentor | Ethical Entrepreneur Words make everything better. Advance the Human Race If we could all do what we love, get paid for it and share the wealth, things would be better. I spent two years finding my sweet spot and I call it AtHR. Casual group meetups that use writing to help us know ourselves better and curb the epidemic of social isolation. ➡️80% of proceeds paid to group leaders ➡️10% to their neighborhood needs ➡️Free social impact consulting ➡️DM to join the group leader beta
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Erica D Vines

Member since 12/2021

Hi my name is Erica I'll be posting my poetry and other stuff like photos and videos
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Liam Watters

Member since 04/2022

Film Photography and maybe other mediums soon 🤷‍♂️
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Vic Lee

Member since 04/2022

my brain spits jargon out in different ways. words. photos. doodles.
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