James Nunn
Member since 12/2023
Yorkshire, UK

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Having been born without any prior consultation as to whether I was comfortable with that lifestyle choice, I made it my mission to bring everyone down to my alternately furious and gloomy level.
I've dallied with enough arts in my life to be a reasonable painter and a moderately good writer and performer of music: My true talent though, is in my writing.
I adore words. I build towering analogies and metaphors for the awesome and the mundane. I weave rhythms and metres to take hearts on journeys along dimly lit roads of the human condition, diverting you into forests where my own experiences seep fog-like into your bones.
Poetry is my true love, though I also write passable prose, with a number of concepts always being fleshed out into novels.
Bouncing ideas off other creative people is a delight for me, so do feel free to reach out.

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