Project Journal Entry: Reconnecting with nature

Project Journal Entry: Reconnecting with nature

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Theme - Reconnecting with nature
Submission Type - Article 

Writers don’t tend to mind the dark, especially if it’s a bedroom. We get all moody and weird-smelling. Which is good for the work - bad for our wan, fish-like skin. Have you been outside recently? Like, a lot? We want to get your take on the immersive power of nature, and meeting the world in full sunlight. 

Submit a written piece - circa 750 words - about a return to the wild. Unleash your inner Thoreau. Or, failing that, Bear Grylls - just don’t drink urine for fun. Keep it clean. Tell us what happened on a hike, a camping trip, a park soiree. Bring us into the experience. Let it blow your thoughts higher than they otherwise might’ve been, trapped in a city. So many of us are rediscovering green spaces just behind a skyscraper.   

Submissions Closed
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