Collaboration Project: Design a phone case

Collaboration Project: Design a phone case

Bringing the community together with Smple Collaboration Projects.
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Project ended on Mar 21,2021 at 02:35 pm PDT
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Bringing the community together with Smple Collaboration Projects.

One of the biggest assets of being part of a creative community is your access to likeminded and talented individuals. Ever since Smple was conceived, its primary purpose was to bring together multi-disciplinary creatives in a holistic environment so that they can share ideas, collaborate and grow together.

With everyone suffering through a global pandemic and the brink of an economic collapse, we thought, it might be a good idea to come together as a community and do what we do best...Create.

This is one of the reasons we are now introducing “Collaboration Projects.” Users can now work with different creators on one project.

Prompt:  We want to keep this one open. Submit poems and visuals based on what ever theme you like BUT please follow the instructions below:


Take a look at this design above. One part of it is a visual and another part is text. Smple will create this layout out of your part 1 and 2 submissions.

The visual can either be a photograph or an illustration.

The text needs to be an original short poem (e.g. Haikus, limericks or a free verse)

Creators have 2 options to participate.

Option 1: Press “Submit” and create Part 1 of this project (Either a visual or a poem).

Option 2: Press “Collaborate” to browse and create Part 2 for posts that have already been submitted. If you select a visual, then you need to submit a poem and vice versa

Winning submissions will receive a limited edition phone case* that features their work and free copies of Smple's September Paper. Winners will also be featured on our Editorial and Social Media accounts.

*Winners will also earn revenue generated from the phone case sales. 

Previous collaboration winners:

Small 500*500

Duo Phone Case 001

I can grow through it all, 2020. Limited edition case featuring Michel Chartier & Jose-Noel Rocha

Happy Creating! 

1) Press “Collaborate” to work on this project with other creators. Browse and select posts that you want to collaborate with. OR 2) Press “Submit” to create a new submission. Other creators will then have the option to collaborate with your post after you submit.
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