Music Project: Lo-fi Hip Hop

Music Project: Lo-fi Hip Hop

Calling all musicians! Submit your tracks!
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Project ended on Dec 25,2021 at 09:30 pm PST
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Project Details

Theme - Working from home

Quite ridiculously, there’s a playlist for ambient office noise. Yes. Printers, coffee mugs and water cooler convo. Even someone smacking their lips. Perhaps it also has the sound of cutting your finger on a redundancy check, for a curse of the contemporary...

In our opinion, the home-workers of the world need something better. Let’s give it to them. Smple is looking for chillhop and lo-fi tracks. Anything with a stuttering snare just behind the beat, and a sweet tape hiss to remind us there’s more to life than error alerts.

Submit your tracks and the winners will be featured in the Official Listening Room + Playlist, Community Paper Issue 003 and Social Media. Depending on your location, some artists may also be invited to perform in Smple sponsored events (Date: TBD).


Community Paper Issue 02 + Sticker sheet Bundle — SMPLE Studios

The Smple Community Paper is an ongoing publication where we feature unique submissions from our members. Issue 02 comes with a sticker sheet that contains 14 stickers.

Submissions Closed
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