Echoes - (Poetry Project)

Echoes - (Poetry Project)

Write a poem that explores the themes of love, grief, joy, or longing.
🏆 Prizes
Grand Prize: $100
Five Runners-ups: $10

11 Days Left
Project ends on Dec 22,2023 at 11:59 pm PST
Winners announced on Jan 07,2024
Pay $2 to make a submission
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Project Details

Write a poem that explores the themes of love, grief, joy, or longing.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • This project has no specific instructions. 

  • Your poem could be a sonnet, haiku, free verse, or any other form you prefer. 

  • Feel free to let your creativity flow and explore strong emotions or feelings associated with love, grief, joy or longing. Enjoy the process of weaving together imagery, emotions and ideas through your words. 

Ready? Read the rules first. 

  • The entry fee is $2. 

  • The Grand Prize is $100. 

  • Up to 5 Runners-ups will win $10.

  • We’ll feature the winning poem on our homepage, newsletter and socials.

  • SMPLE will contact anyone who excites us about future collaboration or paid contributions. 


Please note: We'll only declare a winner if we find merit in at least one submission. In the event that no submission meets our criteria, everyone will receive a refund of their submission fee.

Grand Prize: $100
Five Runners-ups: $10
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