Badlands Summertime

Badlands Summertime

Your eyes were as blue as the South Dakota skies 
and, I, 
wouldn't have the words 
to describe 
how I felt when you sighed.

I didn't have the words,
I didn't have the language.
I didn't have the words, 
I didn't have the nerve. 
I didn't have the nerve. 

Your eyes were the deepest blue that I'd ever seen. 
But you spent all summer on his arm,
That ate at me. 

You said to call you Frankie,
certainly sang like a Sinatra. 
I didn't have the words to describe
just how much I wanted to... 

It never crossed my mind, 
it never occurred to me to ask, 
why I'd follow you anywhere. 
Hike the Badlands for eternity,
just because it’d be where you were at. 

I followed you in circles until summer’s end. 
Thought I wanted to be your very dearest friend.

You said one day you wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, 
your flag at Everest's highest peak. 
Fifteen years old me would never fly higher 
than the moment when you kissed my cheek. 

The girl in the sturdy hiking boots, 
with just a word,
 a river of feelings would have been set loose. 

I loved you so fiercely in those short two weeks you knew me, 
sometimes nostalgia stops me in my tracks. 

When people ask of first loves,
I tell them about the boys 
who fumbled with my pants, 
or sent flowers and Almond Joys. 
I don't mention you. 
It's too personal. 

You're forever the taste of summer.
You're forever 
 summer time.


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