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My name is Pedro Torres for over 15 years, I have worked as a Professional Fabricator. As a young person, I have always been interested in art. I never really knew how to express myself then, I liked to draw, although I was never good at it. But, I felt as if I were just floating around, going wherever the wind took me, never in any real direction. I began welding school, and that's when I felt as if the metal was speaking to me. I was intrigued and yearned to see what more I could do with it. The first piece, I worked on, I let it speak to me, it was as if it was telling how it wanted to be constructed. As time progressed, not only was I figuring out myself but also my pieces were becoming more intricate. I realized that it started to have more meaning, that it was a way of me expressing who I was becoming, and to this day I surprise myself. I enjoy what I do, because it's not for myself, or to gain fame or fortune. It is to make others happy. No matter how long your day was, I feel that you can look at my work, and have it put a smile on your face, being able experience that beauty in your own home. I believe that one piece of art, to the right person, having them view it from their perspective, can inspire hope. Like a beacon of light, or a beacon of hope. It can inspire creativity in that person they never knew existed. This is my life, to make others believe in a better tomorrow, to bring a small beacon of hope. When I was younger, I use to watch my grandfather in his shop, make little wooden planes. As he went on, they would better and better. To watch his work expand, was amazing. I wanted to expand my craft like him and I asked if he could show me a bit of woodworking. I wanted to find a way to blend Metal and wood; did not know how, but I felt in my heart that it would be epic. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed not too long after that, but he always believed in me. He was always asking me to make him something. He was my first proud customer. Although he wasn't here the love and support he gave me allowed me to keep pushing forward. As time went on I began to see how I could blend both Metal and wood, and I advanced more in that area. The love of my family and their sure will to bring a beacon of light into this world is why I keep progressing. My Art and I are continually growing, and each day both are getting better and better. Some ask what is my inspiration, what my motives are. I want people to see Art differently, I want to ignite passion in countless lives, to spark a little light, a little optimism in whatever they do. Sometimes all we need is a spark, to start that flame. In due time additional Bolder products and more thought-provoking pieces. I hope one of my pieces can inspired greatness in your life. If not, hopefully, it can fuel your current path to awesomeness.
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A pioneer in psychedelic hip hop! Changing the game thru innovation. Step in the mind of Vega 👁
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