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Slightly Tripped Out Poetry
Reactions to my poetry: 30% "I don't know if I understand this, but I can't dislike it for some reason." 30% "I think you just hypnotized me." 30% "What are you taking and can I have some?" 9% "What even is this?" 1% "Whatever." Reactions to reactions to my poetry: 30% "Thank you." 30% "I did." 30% "Meditation, and yes." 9% "What even is this?" 1% "Fine."
Digital Dose Elixirs | Micro-Meditations
Do you have 60 seconds to chill tf out? Informed by ancient teachings, empirical science, meditative insights and the principles of bio-geometry, Digital Dose Elixirs combine color, sound and spoken word to evoke particular emotional states and, if you're into it, align and recalibrate certain energy centers in the body. Think of them as micro-meditations.
Flammable Heart
When eye contact starts fires, when a fleeting touch electrifies, when silence can quickens heart-rate and the realisation that the words ‘tender’ and ‘lover’ have taken on an entirely new meaning.
Mentality In Rotation
Who are you when no one’s around? Who are you when you’re told what you are? Reach within your stomach, pull out entrails of emotions; Maybe you’ll find something of yourself. A visual representation of my struggles in self identity with mental illness .
The Photography of Will's Music
My dear friend and very talented song writer and musician needed some photos done and I needed and a new project. I got to tag along to some really cool gigs and a series of photos I'm pretty happy with. Here are just a few.
The Photography of Will's Music
The Will Williams music collection. He also just released his new project Stupid Prizez check it out
Open Playlist #1
Featured tracks selected from Open Music Project. Submissions made to open projects will be featured on a weekly basis across all Smple channels 💯📀
Featured Open Submissions 1
A selection of interesting and diverse submissions made by #smplecommunity to the Open Submissions Project (Jan 2021) Select submissions from all projects will be featured across all Smple channels on an ongoing basis 💯
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