You've once held my heart in your hands
like a dripping plum ripped open
all your obscene, twisted, deceptive dreams
unraveled between our lips

You touched me the same way my poetry flow in you
then suddenly
before I could even realize
I was an unfinished sentence
a song made by the deaf
bouncing between sheets and pillows
a cartilage
you no longer care to swallow

I search the world for someone who would fill in your void
but all of their shadows resemble yours
I find you in the october rain
I see your reflection 
scattered like marbles under the couch, forgotten, waiting
behind the curtain of the starless sky
I search for you in every words 
I wish I could write
in sudden awaken moments
the silent
velvet colored night

I collect pieces of you
wind them into letters and lines
into the shade between white and black
and i know
you never left

Time has stolen the blush of your face
and gave itself a new name

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