Through Medicated Eyes

Am I believing what is real,
 Is it all inside my head?
 When reality’s a line of code
 It doesn’t matter which path you’ve led

 And I’m really rather worried
 That I’m lying to myself,
 I’m an attention seeking loser
 Faking my mental health

 Assuming mankind’s greatness
 Yet look at the saddleback seal,
 It can survive arctic waters
 When we can’t even get a deal

 I’m looking all around me
 But I see it in every town,
 If you fear EU’s free-movement,
 Why are your posters coloured brown?

 Programming our hatred
 Pretending that they’re “good”
 But if we’re all created equal,
 Why can’t gay men donate blood?

 I feel like I’m lying
 I don’t know if I’m me
 But when children cry themselves to sleep
 I don’t want this reality to be

 It’s not a new sensation
 That’s hitting the nation hard
 Kids are trading medication
 Like they’re pokemon cards

 Life is a fucking shitstorm
 But it’s a shitstorm for one and all
 The only exception I can think,
 Is a president erect for a wall 

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