An empty open land .

Featuring an original poem and painting, by Joseph Teh (@saneguar.d) :

An empty open land,
That flows and swirls around in me,
Like a sea that incapsulates itself only in my mind
The only sound is the hum of the darkness,
The twinkle of warm nothingness in the swaying grey grass,
A siren that blares far below me,
Warm cosy and lying here against my window.

Open and free, an open window isn't just a breath of air - it's an expanse into the space which wraps into  space, and the world and the countries of that world and the cities of that country and the streets of that city and the house of that street and the mind in that house - the person that lies there, as you do. In their bed reaching, as you do. Reaching for the window,

And then get up.

illustrator, writer, painter @saneguar.d
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