An implausible cognizance

This year has been a rocky road of realization, through the year filled with upsies and downsies I've learnt from them all and therefore the title, 'an implausible cognizance'. These pictures represent the facts of how I realized that. The first one was a picture taken in the United States of America where i went there for a scholar competition, I took a few pictures around the place and slowly when people saw the pictures they startled and appreciated me, and I ended up realizing that I have a skill in photography to add to my many other talents. I love the way that,  things just come to us out of nowhere and knock out door and give us a gift that was never expected but extremely useful, well photography came to me that way though. Moving on to the 2nd picture come for the love for cars, I was taking pictures of a polo GT in college and suddenly the owner finds me stalking his car and I have nothing to say but to give a wide smile like the cat in Alice in wonderland and just standing there, so I asked him if he would like to be my model and wallah! That happened! Moving on to the 3rd picture, they are my bestest(if that's a word 😅)friends, these guys were supposed to take a few snaps for me Cuzz I had nothing to post, they kept talking to eachother and that looked pretty weird, so when I asked them "what the hell is wrong with yall", there comes the big reveal, they both become a couple! Yaayyyy I'm screwed! I thought, but Nahh, these guys are still my bestest friends and they assured it to me that nothing was changing and the trio was gonna stay the same as 3 best friends... That's not what is actually happening 😂 Cuzz cmon, nobody would expect that but it's cool, they're the same to me and that's more than enough ain't it... So there it is, a candid picture of both of them 'flirting' with each other and annoying me (not exactly😉)...
Posted by Arjun
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