You are not me and you do not have power to make me believe you are. Because you are much more than that. And I am much more than you. 
When I say you, this time I don't mean a person. I mean the you that rains sadness down on those who do not deserve it. With evil intentions you altar lives. Lives that were loved and pure and lived. What makes you this way how do you do it. Because I don't understand. I believe all you are doing is destroying. Destroying the thoughts of ever getting better. Taking happiness and replacing it with the death of it. You are the death of me because I am dying from your wounds. And crumbling from the cracks my tears have made. I feel pain, like the flower feels rain. With every river I hold back brings the pain into my eyes. I hopelessly hold on to you. I can't let you show, because then you win. So I have to hold you back, I will not break those walls behind my eyes for all to see. On the surface you do not deserve to be. But inside you consume me. Please let me go. And let go from all the others because you don't see what you are doing and I wish you would stop. She doesn't deserve to cry and he doesn't deserve to die. You did this, cast your evil like a shadow over us. But when do you clear and why to some are you so near. 

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