Self Reflection

She stares at herself in the bathroom mirror 
Hearing the birds chirp in the AM
As she looks closer, she starts to wonder 
Why she can never be like them
They somehow have her imprisoned
In her own mind, 
she thinks she can’t be forgiven
Loss of ideas, she feels like failure
Writing lines on her bedroom floor in fear
That someone might come up and hear
The art she creates,
but its in the form of tears
Cries wallow from her chest in silence
She needs to be quiet
Her family is downstairs, they can’t listen to this riot
She dries her eyes so she can go back to living her life,
but it’s all a lie
Everything’s a lie
The devil is a lie
Can’t you see she’s deceiving you,
just look at the pain in her eyes  
She’s deceiving you!
Ask her if she’s okay!
Have you even asked her if she’s okay?
Not just out of formality but in reality,
Is she good? Is she well? Is she stable?
Because when you do she never is.
Make sure that she always is, 
Before you leave

She puts on clothes and they aren’t even her own,
It’s a costume so she can fit in with the people at home
Even then she never fits in, 
There’s always something that will make her feel uneven
She’s trying to be
 the best version that she can be
But can’t you see that her mentality 
Is all over the place, she really needs some aid
Little signs of help but she’s too afraid
to reach out
Just lend her your ears without any doubt.

A cool breeze comes and knocks her out of her trance.
The birds are still there chirping in the AM
She looks back at herself in the bathroom mirror
Admiring the dawn this time.
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