Why am I ashamed?

I’m sixteen years old, I live in the U.K., I am a full time student. I have an older sister, I have two dogs, my parents are still together. 

I like my friends, I like my family, I like my dogs. 

I don’t like myself. 

I hide away, I find shadows and nooks and alleys to slither into and escape people’s questions. 


I quietly say they when referring to future partners, hoping it’s not as loud to the questioner, as it’s deafening to me. 

I don’t want to get married! I don’t want kids! I don’t want a relationship!

My friends clamber around one phone, glaring at the attractive people on the screen, hounding for my approval. 

 My sister jokingly states she’d love a best friend like me, not knowing what I’m like. My mother goes quiet when my community is mentioned on the radio. My father mocks my brothers and sisters when we fight for our rights. 

I’ll stay hidden, for a little while longer, I think. 
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