passing trains

take me back to the night we met-
i want the thought of you to consume me,
a flesh eating parasite picking away at my brain.
itching for the feeling of your fingers on my cheek,
i inject the view of the trains passing by into my veins. 
feeling a rush so profuse
that it has to be more than lust…
because even the word ‘love’ itself is insufficient.

ilove the sunrise, strawberries!
to use the same word for you is almost blasphemous. 
no words explain how strongly it is that i feel for you and
the confinements of the english language;
they are a blessing to most. 
yet a white padded room for me. 
26 letters and 10 numbers possible to complete the combination-
none of which i can use to describe you. 

you’re the brightest star, the fullest moon!
you are every. single. waking. moment. 
no words explain how strongly it is that i feel for you so
for now i will continue to relive the night that we met…

until the very last night that we do meet. 
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