the blue

the blue 
the ocean
the deepness of blue 
how huge it really is 
the sun reflects off the moving surface 
fractal patterns constantly being generated
it is so big 
so vast
how can you describe something so monolithic
80% of the world - this giver of life 
this earth is so strange 
now we enjoy using fake belief 
our technology has enabled us to use this greatness as a bridge 
we are so lucky 
but we can never truly appreciate the naturalness of this 
such an impressive sight 
I wish I could live in the ocean 
I'm happy that I don't 
otherwise so could never appreciate it how I am now 
one day this greatness will cover that which we knew and ever once was 
this is the true ruler of the world 
we can never know the ocean 
I'm glad though we have the intelligence to create these chances 
these glimmers 
but we can never connect like nature can 
there is something drawing us to this ocean 
unfortunately we can never know 
the blue
such a beautiful sight 

- written in Greece, 2019 
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