She waits in the Cemetery

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Within the graveyard upon a grim hour, 

she will stand with lips soft and sour.

She stands and she stares, 

waiting; beckoning upon any that dares.

Temptation be what hammers within her heavenly breasts,

driving sinful even the modest and purest.

Lower and lower, she’ll guide them into the grave, 

their soul, none can now save.

For under her lustful whims, the will of even the young, the brave, and and the strong fail,

Whilst she drains them of the warm crimson ‘till their flesh is pale.

Beware her irreverent gaze, her soft lips, and her tongue so savory.

For next to your grave, she’s waiting,

in the Cemetery...
Greetings from the Citadel. My name is Thomas Stewart. I am currently 20 years old. Horror is everything that makes me happy in life. When I am not either watching a horror movie or reading/ listening to Horror stories; I am ACTIVELY at work crafting my own works of Horror fiction for the world to behold. Currently, I publish most of my horror stories to Reddit [u/Corpse_Child], [Corpse Child], and under my actual name. I have also had many of my horror stories adapted to YouTube by various narrators.
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