Photos i have taken within 2019

recontestAll these images were taken on a nikon camera. 
 The flower image I took when I went to Tropical World, I had a theme linking to gardens and my automatic response to “gardens” was flowers. So for this theme I based it upon flowers I found in my relatives gardens, out of all the images this image intrigued me the most to put it within my top three. I like how the image turned out.
 For the beach image I took this when I went to Blackpool pleasure beach. This photo is one of my recent images, although my theme given for this one is photos linking to Bill Brandt. Bill Brandt’s work intrigued me a lot with the way he goes into detail within his photos with the rule of thirds. This photo isn’t as much within his style due to Bill’s main concept of “the rule of thirds” is using another person to blend within the background so the photo has many focus points. 
 For the bubble photo I took this within my own home for a shoot linking to Bryan Adam Castillo. Bryan mainly works with lights and people, but a few of his photos have used bubbles. So I decided to use one of my friends and take photos of her blowing bubbles into the camera to see the affect I would get. I really liked the outcome of the bubble shoot I did overall and within the future I am up for working with bubbles again as I got some strong photos from one shoot. 
I am an A level student studying photography
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