Can you see them glisten?

Those voices, do you hear those voices?
Asking if you made all the right choices

If only there was a way to figure it out,
Must I live through this to see what its about?

Lost within the countless what ifs,
Wondering if I'd be full of bliss

Could I be more miserable than this?
Or perhaps these moments I will miss

Everything is so uncertain,
The choice is mine, shall I close the curtain?

Hurry the clock keeps ticking,
Should I pull the trigger while no one is looking?

Shhh...they are getting louder!
I just have to listen harder

Take a deep breath to muffle the sound,
I only want peace which I think I finally found

Just listen, listen past all the voices
They are all just distorted noises

I feel much more at ease
Wait don't go, just listen to me please!
simply & incessantly curious...have you ever questioned about the nature of your reality?
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