love letter from across the ocean

it looks like this:
glowing highways in the early morning
spent waiting
watching, wondering how the sky looks out your window
wishing each gentle tap of rain on my window too early, too late for me to be awake is you
waiting for me to let you in
it looks like reaching but finding nothing 
where something should be
echoes are sometimes enough to fill the empty space
they have to be, don’t they?
it looks lonely, but it’s safe here 
and we are not alone, we always find ways 
to touch even when we have an ocean to cross
and you keep me warm even with nothing, with an echo
there are so many beautiful things that you and i have
it looks like unfocused eyes 
each traffic light bleeding into the next, swirling into each other like paint in water 
finding softness in these small moments I have to daydream about you
to fill the space between us 
it looks like holding on, and like trust 
like silver spider webs catching the rain in their arms
intricately spun chandeliers made of what seems like glass
but is stronger, almost unbreakable 
and a thousand times softer 
carefully constructed in corners of trees and ever-glowing hanging lights in train stations 
wherever they can manage to fit
we hang like stars made of paper tied to fishing line 
from bus station ceilings and trees
apartment balconies that blur together and clouds that hang so low and heavy 
it feels like you could reach up and touch them 
we spin together in this familiar sky 
that my eyes run grooves into each morning through train windows 
hold me close, keep spinning slowly with me
and i won’t let go either
it looks like i love you whispered in the dark 
over and over again 
just so i can hear you say it back
and keep your voice for as long as i can
holding it in my mind
a beautiful, delicate thing
i love you
i love you
i love you
it looks like everything 
i see you wherever i go
we are not alone
you hold me in your spiderweb arms like I am morning dew 
your soft laugh like yellow traffic lights blurring together in the dark
like wildflowers growing beside train tracks 
blue and yellow and pink
the yellow lines on the highway illuminate your smile 
we are never alone. 
it looks like this.
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