Higher Ground

This song is about the supposed superiority of rich people over the rest of the world. By strong white men who oppress the world or women and socially disadvantaged groups. It's about always wanting more, instead of starting living, instead of being thankful for what is there.

Mosaic - Higher Ground

Golden hammer go hammer on
Oh you
Hammer through souls and you crash along
Oh you
You don’t feel sorry just because you rule on higher ground An we will never forget our roots

I see myself on a picture of an old analog photo camera
Look how it shines, it turned all yellow like me
Its when I think back, when I think back
When I think back to the time where everything we did was a moment to take time for When did it start that we all want to go away from where we started?

Is it always always needed to develop while we’re deleting?

I find myself on all the same old streets new frontages in new clarity
See how they shine
They look much younger than me
And I love to grow and I love to feel we can always change we fly high like flames But do they really come with love?

Wheres the house for you and me?
When did it starts that so much changed without spotting oh how we all, we all remain? Is it always always needed to develop while we’re all bleeding?

You feel so hungry inside your house
You feel so lonely inside your golden house You feel so hungry inside yourself
You feel so hungry while your body gets too fat There is a big rat inside your house
Hurry up to get it out
You better bomb this house away
You need more money to safe your house
You need more money uhhh
You need more money uhhh
You need more money
To solve your problems
You need more money
Uh you need more money
To solve your soul
To safe your soul

Music is my passion, my anchor, my soul and my freedom. I love to create soundscapes with my voice and my Synthesizer. To me, music is a universal language. It is my center of vital interest. Doing everything alone, as OneGirlBand via home production. I started singing in a choir, when I was 4 years old. Join my world & let’s spread love Art is everywhere. I love to create things. Music, videos, short stories, DIY furniture... I am a solo artist and also making music in my band duo Mosaic.
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