Hey you...

Hey you,
Let me tell you something I think will compel you,
 I want to help you, 
Consciously elevate you,
 before I misplace you or mistake you,
Maybe myself.
The fool who projected himself,
His ego, 
His demons on you. 
Hey can I show you, my own hell?
Maybe my composing room, but how will that do. 
I know you,
 can I trust who I see you as when I'm close,
The person I feel is you, 
Your vibes, 
Your aura. 
I'm scared of the potential horror. 
From memories before ya, 
You crave excitement and I'm excreting boredom. 
I must forewarn you, 
I'm a normal Man.
 Hand in his journal. 
Am I exposed on the inside with contortions of my shadow external? 
I should have nothing to explore through, 
But hey, 
yeah you, 
Clever as the charm of a Snake
maybe you can break,
Through the mental walls, the twisting Halls. Look deeply into the simplicity in my eyes, 
Embrace yourself for complexity in my mind, from the extremities I have to hide. 
Hey you, 
I see you can see!
I know you're not blind, 
Maybe you are my kind
The puzzled. 
The freak. 
The weird idiot. 
The smart ass geek. 
I'll be sour if you choose sweet, 
A mutual middle is where I'd like to meet. 
Hey you, 
Do you really get what I mean. 
I'll give you honesty. 
I'll tell you lies. 
But I won't cheat, I'm not that type...
If I allow you in, you might not comprehend. Me, 
You'll probably unfriend me, use my guilt to offend me, claim your love was pretending, wouldn't be the first to,
Push my suicidal ego to try and end me. 
I trust you. 
I try not to, 
It's risky business.
Letting you sense this. 
My feelings. 
My fears. 
My laughter. (Haha) 
My tears. (Drop, drop) 
Sounds through my ears, smells through my nose, 
Bet you'll love the essence you ingest that i expose. 
The taste from my tongue, The sense of touch from my little toe, to my thumb. 
The sight through my eyes, of your pure elegant beauty,
No one knows, do they?, 
Do you fear what's to come. (Haha)
Hey you, can you undo what's been done?
Have I said too much, maybe not enough? 
If you want to flee, can I join you on the run? You can trust me¿?
I don't care if your worlds been spun.
The engagement and danger, 
Sounds tempting, sounds fun. 
Or you can leave. 
Our world will pass by. 
You can separately live out your life and die. But damn you! 
You got too close, your Love got in, 
Your soul will forever be more than a breezes touch in the wind. 
Your ghost is welcome to haunt me till my time is called in. 
Hey you, 
Yeah you Darling... 
Here's the real kicker...
My love is eternal 
My flame Burns forever, 
I may let you down, but to hit the bottom, 
I'm a lover and a giver, 
love like a saint and fuck like a sinner. 
And I never give up, Darling.
 Mama didn't raise no quitter, 
Forever is forever. 
So I hope your ride or die. 
Because honestly Darling, I can hardly endure the shit in my mind. 
But Iflease let me be your man. 

P.S.- I've seen inside you, 
Not just face first between your legs but the Dimensions and the Demons present in your head. 
I can't believe what I saw, you're really a miracle to not be Dead. 
But I'll shut up. 
I won't say shit. 
Your mind is your own as is mine, So sad to Roam, yet profoundly intriguing.
Often at times. 
Yeah you. 
I'm sure you knew, 
Going through mine, let me into you. 
So now what's to say, 
Love, peace, tranquility. 
Hate, chaos, hostility (indefinitely)
We'll help balance each other, Just hear me out, 
My Darling, lover. 
Yeah, you know it may end sad. 
Man f the truth sometimes. 
I'll take the negativity from your shell
For limitless positivity to prevail, inside the headspace of your realm. 
I'll guard you and your heart,
Until one of us meets death. 
And if we go together I'll keep you alive,
My Darling, 
By stealing the breath, from death and bury the reaper, 
Like a pen on this paper or the Cocaine on my Ether. 
If I fail we still win - darling, 
I'll see you in the next life...
I'll be there to settle a score with the ruler of the Dead. 
I'll leave a protective chamber just for you in my head, 
So in there you can go back to before we met.
Now that you've read what you read...
 If that would be your will, 


When I say for you...
I only want what's best...

Love music and writing. I write poetry and short stories. Musical hobiest.
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