Jason Patel - One Last Dance (Official Music Video)

R&B-Pop singer, songwriter and creative director Jason Patel releases his enchanting new single ‘One Last Dance’, out on 7th January on all streaming platforms. To accompany the track, he also releases an exquisitely bold music video which captures his queer identiy and his South Asian heritage.

On ‘One Last Dance’ Jason introduces his rich universe, effortlessly blending elements of alternative R&B, Pop and Rāga (classical music of India). Combined with his captivating vocals, the track showcases his effortless and natural gift for storytelling. Naming icons such as Britney Spears and Rihanna, as well contemporary R&B stars like Kehlani and H.E.R as his biggest inspirations, Jason thrives on being able to experiment with the emotions and feelings he’s able to convey through his music, totally owning his own brand of gutsy, vibrant R&B-Pop.

Bringing together multiple perspectives on his music, Jason draws from his life experiences, his queer identity as a gay man and his passion for theatre, crossed with his Indian heritage which he wants to bring to the forefront of pop culture. “Representation is really important to me. There is always room for everyone, and I want people to know that my music is a safe space for you to feel free and be whoever you want to be!”

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Jason says, ‘When I wrote this song, I was in my head a lot and trying to deal with the loneliness of being isolated in a room in the middle of winter when no one was allowed out, and it got me thinking deeply about past relationships, life and death. I thought of the question: ‘If I die, will I have been fully fulfilled in life and achieved what I want to or been with the person I was meant to be with?’ I also thought about how you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. But there can be so many interpretations of the song, so I would really like my listeners to take comfort in it in whatever way they need. That ‘one last dance’ can be with yourself as well as anyone else you wish it to be with.”


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