human hotel

you may be the first but you’re certainly not the last person to lodge themselves into the inviting right atrium of my heart. 
perch on it, kick your feet up, ill cushion them with my blackening lungs. sit comfortably. rest your head on my cranium- you know you’re always on my mind? when you decide to leave i beg you tread lightly. you dont. my spirit crushes beneath your sole. 
no, go its fine. ill be okay, ofcourse my heart will ache with your absence- it grew so accustomed to your weight. 
just this way, you can leave through my lips, make them the last thing you touch, shut them behind you so i cant beg you to stay. just when i think youre done with my body the salt water image of you walking away stings my eyes, you leave me with my blackening lungs and my damaged spirit, my aching heart and my lonely lips, my burning eyes and my whole body feels empty- when really its just as full as it was before
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