Simplicity is the way.

This first photograph has been taken of me, my sister and my two younger cousins. The memory behind is for the grandparents who gave birth to our fathers that are brothers celebrate their birthday every year by taking us to a hotel and Spa for Sunday dinner, this has happened for about 20 years with me being the first grandchild to ever go. Sometimes we are late for grandpa's birthday in November as it clashes with armistice day as we deem more important as millions died for our safety and future here today in Great Britain.  The second photo is of the Celestial Fountain in Rome (one of the main landmarks) which I visited October this year with school, it was a very memorable occasion as it was with friends. The third and final picture is of my arm outstretched towards the end of a bay where I collected the shells that are on my arm. I have a caravan about a 2 minute run from this beach where I feel most at home than anywhere else in the world. When I am at this caravan I feel at peace. I forget about school, relationships, parties, homework, arguments, when I am at this place it's like I have been pulled from the timeline of history and everything is frozen and can be forgotten about but I still go on (in a good way not like Déjà Vu). This caravan is in a site where my grandparents  (same ones) have had caravans here for 38 years next summer. My father and uncles summer memories and holidays are of this beach and caravan site and so are mine now as well as my sisters and cousins. I hope to carry on the tradition and have memories here my own children.
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