December 25th - D.O.C.C Music

December 25th is the 4th song off the second album by D.O.C.C Music called "In A Matter Of Days." The 7 track album tells his story about how economic, psychological, and other traumas during the pandemic changed him.  An album which explores the process of maturity that it took for D.O.C.C to come into his own and become a man. The title track "In A Matter Of Days" deals with the themes of loss and taking things for granted. The song details how D.O.C.C lost his uncle, whose life was cut short due to addiction and bad health. It also details his perspective of the days leading up to the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The album was released independently on May 31, 2022. The video was released on December 29, 2022.
D.O.C.C, D.O.C.C Music, or D O Double C is an American independent rapper, singer, producer/musician, poet, and filmmaker. The NJ native started working on his craft in September of 2017. It was at that time he began writing songs, later getting into producing music not too long after. He finally released his music to major platforms beginning in October of 2018. Meanwhile ever since, he has continued to release songs improving with every work. He is skilled in two musical instruments which are the piano and the drum set. D.O.C.C's musical inspirations range from genre's like Hip Hop, to genre's as different to that as Classical. From very young, D.O.C.C has always been interested in the arts. Singing came naturally and he started learning piano as a part of the music program in his church. From 2016-2017, he played for the band until he moved on to mixing. By 2018, He recorded two demos of his debut album Mixing Console, with a final version released on October 26, 2018. From that moment, he has built up his skills in audio releasing 3 singles: The Doccta's Theme, Them Feelings, and Ending Salutations. He has worked sound for stage productions at Mount Olive High School, and taken part as a drummer in the schools Jazz program. D.O.C.C is currently in the process of promoting his sophomore album In A Matter Of Days. He plans to become an esteemed producer in his areas music scene. Recently, working with artists like Drill Rapper Dre2x to build those relationships. He is currently learning guitar as a part of an endeavor to make a blues/folk record with emphasis on guitar. He recently released a new EP called Serpents.
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