New York Nightingale

my New York nightingale 
You mesmerized me with your song 
I drowned in your flowing voice that trailed off at the ends of your sentences in a way that tugged a smirk from my mouth 
Your smile. 
Your smile. 
Your smile.
Pure. Genuine. Contagious. 
A smile that crinkles the corner of your eyes and scrunchs up your nose 
Your eyes. 
Comparable to stormy New England seas on a cloudy November day 
Your freckles. 
Strategically splattered across your face in a mosaic masterpiece 
Your curls. Your curls. Your curls. 
Bouncing brown tendrils sculpted by the goddess of beauty herself
my New York nightingale 
singing sweet songs in my ear one minute 
flying away the next 
I can still hear your music echoing throughout the canyons within my mind 
In the depths and darkness I can hear you 
I search and search but never find you because you’re already gone 
I continue to fall in love with your echo 
Waiting for the day it fades away
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