Whispers in her ears,
 Tongues tickle her cheeks.
 She walks alone in tears.
 Will she forever cry stones?
 Each Time she faces her fears?
 First, she held her head high.
 Hair in a little pony puff
 Head is hung low in shame.
 All she wanted was for them to 
 remember her name.
 Now they do

 Leaves a bittersweet taste.
 Stops men in their tracks.
 Never to breathe again
 Steals hearts
 Hardened exterior
 She cries and wishes she was blind.
 Hardened exterior
 She cries and wishes she was blind.
 Hardened exterior
 She cries, she wishes,
 as she passes the reflection

 Of someone deemed a monster
 in His story.
 Famous for her hair
 Rattle snakes for bows
 A two for one "accessory"
 Doubles into mini drums,
 She twists as she walks.
 Hips in perfect motion,
 Hourglass shaped to perfection
 She knows this,
 Chooses to flaunt it.

 Labeled a hoe.
 Admirers and suitors both watch
 in disgust or in hate.
 So busy in her business you forgot,
 You have your own plate.
 You taste like poison.
 Your name, 
 A weakness
 A power she strips away at every day,
 To avoid her heart song
 She numbs and ignores her pain.

 It hardens her,
 Weakened her,
 Delusions her, 
 She thinks she's the one with a problem.
 She has a few,
 Maybe 100
 Ever stop to think,
 That one of those many problems was 
 Fudge you from the bottom of my heart.
 The tip of the last piece of care I give freely.

 What could she possibly have left to 
 Hair is gone.
 Friends are muted. 
 Songs are silenced.
 Eyes are blind by her tears.
 Who will stand for her?
 Who will love her despite her odd ways?
 Who will speak for her now?
 Love lost?

 Sex appeal cracked,
 Heart in tatters
 Do I hear a rattle?
 Something of worth...
 Something of value
 Sweet sound of innocence
 Sound of babies' laughter
 Dripping blood...
 No, water drops.

 Water of tears
 Begin to wash away her fears.
 Has love really thawed her frozen
 Not completely
 Just enough so she could see.
 See for herself how important she is.
 And always will be.
 Maybe not to friends
 Maybe not to family
 Maybe not to strangers

 At last, she's finally able to see.
 The special
 Imperfect her
 A love for herself
 Let's her spirit glow.
 She is kind.
 Willing to love again,
 This time
 No boys allowed.
 Unless you come with money

 She will for a while be that shallow
 Only kidding
 Or am I?
 No longer will her skills be freely given,
 She may have learned to forgive,  
 However, this time
 She will be paid.
 For the love that at one point,
 Was so freely given.
I asked before.
 Who will stand for the monster?
 When she is looked at in fear
 I'll stand for her.
 I found my footing.
 I will cry for her.
 Because I'm allowed to have feelings
 I will fight for her.
 Through my words first
 Violence is my hobby.
 This whole time
 I've held your attention,
 You'd think I had my legs open,
 Leading you to the everlasting well
 Be free and quench your thirst,
 My words are a weapon,
 My body is the sword,
 I've been here before.

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