* Infinite_Flow *

What inspires me?

Life * being fully present and aware in every moment * like I´m able to be when I do perform Infinite_Flow for example *
Than I can feel the flow of life running through my whole body and there is nothing missing in my life * just in love with this infinite moments *

* That´s life *

Infinite_Flow  inside this performing body (fully focused and concentrated on every step it takes) & outside in the magic nature surrounding with this flowting flow *

--> * For me this is the ultimate form of being - that´s what is all about - just being here & now * That inspires me most *

Hope you like my visual+performative-artwork done all by myself Instagram: @KarinsMedia alias @Karin_Schedlbauer

If you want to see the WaterVersion Video-Artwork click here:  https://youtu.be/y_THRuT_NoY
For the sound Version check it on my Homepage: http://www.karin-schedlbauer.de/artistik
Posted by Karin
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