Where Black Boys Bloom

As butterflies were once caterpillars 
Men were once boys 
Vulnerable to the self and fragile to nature
Heavy winds, dangerous summers and winters of solitude
Cocooned in life’s obstacles to soon thicken your wings to break out and fly across many moons

I bet it felt like lily peddles grazing across your feet 
The first time you seen nature pass you on the street
Sensitive to humanity in reality we all struggle on the brink of sanity. Vague in vanity, our communication of thoughts a tragedy.
Apathy. Even I stand by as brothers live and die passively. In fear I too will die in the same agony. 

Why do you speak to flowers as though they can hear you?
Like every time you pray to skies the clouds divide for the man inside to hear you
Like the river waves build a way to echo every word that’s near you
I feel you 

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