Warmth lingers in the air,
honey-thick, seeping in
through the thick glass
of a classroom window.

Deep inside my arm,
a vein protests at
the stillness of my
body, and buzzes gently.

A soft face stands
at the head of a
sometimes cacophonous
herd of teenagers.

Above all,
waving and moving
delightfully; enthusiastically-
a smile curling the lips.

Her voice is warm,
heated sound, soothing
to the ear, as to
the mind.

Although my body
remains quite still,
the brain is, quietly,
at work.

Sprawled across a
paper-ridden desk
where a hundred heads
have rested before-

with the intelligent words
of one who has seen
many of those hundreds
pass through her door-

here, I find myself
to be quite comfortable.

by Oskar Leonard.
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