TAPE_Short Film Submission by J. Eliza Wall

TAPE is the first of a series of short films that grieve the loss of my childhood home. Featuring sentimental objects and archival footage (VHS home movies from the '90s, an old tape cassette from 71', and an old voice recorder from 2010), I worked with the themes of nostalgia, control, impermanence, and immortality to reach a level of acceptance. Every object has something to say. They keep the past alive. This is my attempt to preserve that history as a digital monument so that their stories will never leave me. As the family historian, I took it upon myself to archive as many artifacts as I could. I'm trying to hold onto all of it before it's gone.

TAPE is part of a larger project called MONUMENT that spanned many months.
View the MONUMENT collection here: https://padlet.com/JElizaWall/MONUMENT.

View the short film: TAPE here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLJ_WFHLiBM
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