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“I want to help people feel in a world that doesn’t want to”

Chantelle is a 22-year-old Alternative R&B songstress. Her style is defined by her honest, straight-talking narratives infused into a sweet serenade of vocal melody.

Chantelle began her musical exploits in a rather esoteric format - that of poetic expression. This particular mode of songwriting was the basis of her still current emphasis on conveying message, meaning and personal experiences through lyricism. The theme of her inquiry is one of making sense of senseless situations, and injecting genuine feeling into a social milieux which is deeply deprived of such a human requisite.
The “Reserve and Remind” EP, Chantelle’s most recent release, is said to be the rawest few pieces of work she’s put out to the world. Released under the award-winning mental health charity Key Changes’ record label, she says “I haven’t put something out like this before”. She’s a firm believer in making sure she’s not lying to those who support her.
“I don’t want to be put under a false facade, what you see is what you get. Sometimes I have a messy head of emotions and sometimes I’m on top of the world. Right now especially, we need to be truthful and respective of ourselves.”
Topped off with, “There seems to be a blockage sometimes with other artists out there; where they’re afraid to show their true selves. I don’t ever want to fall into that category”.

“The title track, ‘Transitions’ feels like being trapped in expectations but then finally ‘transitioning’ into your own purpose and experiencing an unfamiliar happiness. You may lose people but you’ll find yourself too.”
- a supporter of Chantelle

“‘Confessions of Me’ is really saying ‘This is me, these are my flaws and this is how I feel’. A beautiful and vulnerable song about the challenges of learning how to love yourself unapologetically. ”
- a supporter of Chantelle

“‘Good enough’ self explains itself with heartfelt lyrics of needing some sort of clarity from others whilst pursuing self- acceptance at the same time. Accompanied by a clean electric guitar and light percussion, it’s a beautiful indie track that builds up with each segment. ”
- a supporter of Chantelle

“Self-actualisation” and “over-coming” are all themes which show throughout Chantelle’s writing process. “No one’s perfect. I want to help people feel in a world that doesn’t want to”.

Chantelle’s involvement with Key Changes is of deep personal origin, given that she herself suffers a variety of symptoms of mental ill-health. “I want to eradicate the stigma surrounding Mental Health, LGBT+Q and Race”, Chantelle states determinedly, echoing her desire to increase the awareness of the angst still experienced within these communities. Chantelle believes that radical shift in perspective, a dose of reality, and respect is needed and she intends to add her voice to that discourse.

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