It started with my mouth,
Whose corners went slack,
Who wanted to call them liar
Who wanted to argue back.

It spread into my throat, 
Which started to close up.
I thought that I’d be sick, 
I wanted to throw up.

Next into my chest, 
Where I felt a squeeze 
Then into my lungs,
I felt I couldn’t breath.

Then into my stomach,
It twisted and it turned.
And Into to my eyes,
Which started to burn.

Then into the floor,
Which seemed to give way
And I wondered if I’d ever 
Again be okay.

It seemed so unfair
But life comes at a cost 
And all who remained, 
Must feel their first loss.

I knew that one day,
I’d leave all the pain,
I’d forget this for a moment,
I would laugh again.

For now I will embrace it, 
Until I can move on. 
For there is a time for laughter,
And time to grieve those gone.
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