As We Walk Forward

Every time I end a phone call with my dad, who lives in Venezuela while I started a new life in Canada, he sends me a blessing followed by "life is short, time waits for no one, enjoy it". When I share this with others they see it almost as a negative or doomed perspective of things ahead. I've never perceived it that way, on the contrary, it pushes me through to appreciate and take advantage of anything that might cross my way, good or bad, I let it come to me and I embrace it as it is, no more, no less (easy to say, but hard to practice). I like to hear it, I like that he is conscious about it and he wants me to be as well.

However, at the same time, I must confess I've developed some kind of fear, almost panic, to the passing of time. Like seeing an avalanche coming your way, faster and faster, unstoppable. It's a weird sensation to have that level of awareness, I ignore if it is a common cognitive sensation we all have and share, or just me becoming paranoid at my 30's. Normally I would say it is just a crisis, but this feeling has been around since my teens. In the meantime, I'll keep calling my dad, the poet, as much as life allows me to, just to refresh my memory and give me an overdose of reality and a well-needed blessing.

-Mauricio Blanco C.

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