Pie Poem by Teraza Kandah

Me oh my 
Do I like pie 
That’s a fact 
I can’t deny 
Cream or Fruity 
Custard or Savory 
I like pie in every flavory 
Hey there waitress! 
Make it three! 
One for Jim and 2 for me 
Whipped Cream topping 
Chocolate drizzle 
Powdered sugar? 
Oh, for shizzle! 
Heat it till the filling sizzles 
In the evening 
Have it a la mode 
From the corridors of 
Your humble abode 
Cold crisp milk 
Between each bite 
My taste buds dance 
In sweet delight 
Like little children 
Out in the snow 
Cheeks all rosy 
Heart aglow 
Because a slice of pie 
Isn’t only dessert 
And it isn’t cake 
And it isn’t cobbler 
It’s a time machine 
To those childhood times 
On which we reminisce 
When we write these rhymes 
So with every bite 
Pie takes us back then 
Reminds us of when 
We were children again 

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