Mr. Bubble álbum "Take1"

This album represents the relationship of a year of musical work with living in Lisbon. It also represents a set of months of inner struggles and existential crisis. This is due to the fact that I feel certain difficulties to exist as an artist and want to live, from my own musical work, in a city that is wonderful, but very elitist in musical choices.
It is an album that was created from improvisations and ethical experiences on the streets of Lisbon with the strength and underground cultural synergy of Lisbon. Acknowledgments, to Nuno Ferreira - Smoked Falmon project - , to Nuno Paula for the mixing and production help, Elena Aldana for the loyalty and monitoring of the work; Joseph for inspirations and influences. Thanks to all and everyone who supported me, to the cultural houses in Lisbon that received me, to Jhon Klima for helping to up and final mastering. Finally, thanks to ScratchBuild and Metalbox studios. Thanks to Eduardo for artwork.
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insta:  project_mr_bubble
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