Other way around

Huddled over chinese takeaway,
overflowing bin a restless halo of tissues-
you always used to call me angel.

My food tastes like salt water
And I want to laugh at how stupid this is;
you haven’t made me cry in a while.

Grab at cold sheets, counting elephants and
Pushing my nose into the blanket 
So I can’t breathe for a minute. 

The reason I feel stupid is because
I wish so badly that if I breathe in deep enough,
It’ll start to smell like you.

We always knew it would come to this,
But I was supposed to break you not the
other way around

I’d been kissing the air,
gone like the wind and
I started to wonder if you were ever really there.

So I told you to say goodbye,
Said you can’t say no
you didn’t even fight it.

Like a shaven head,
Laid back on a deathbed;
We put us to sleep my love.

And now I bite at
Noodles with my teeth,
Wishing they were your lips because

I miss you.

Really I shouldn’t but its too late now,
The hole won’t fill up
Its too big and its shaped a lot like 

So come back inside 
an angel needs you tonight.

5th April 2019, 22:46

Bhamini  Grace Joseph

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