In my depths of despair 
I found myself clinging 
Holding onto what remained 
Of you, and of us 
Onto the hands of my daughter 
It pained me to see you leave her 
To walk away, and leave us 
As if we were nothing 
Cast aside so easily 
Until I decided, one day 
No more
I am worthy 
I am enough 
I am more 

I looked outside the walls of my own home 
Unsure what it was I was searching for 
My heart longing to be held once more 
And there, there you were 
No expectations, we both had said 
But who were we to create
Such falsities and innocent remarks 
When expectations form 
Amongst our imagination without our regard 

True it was, our minds began to gamble
One more, just one more everything;
One more late night endless drive  
One more bad post sex meal 
One more time to be hold one another 
One more go at it all 

Until reality called and spoke 
You can not have this 
You do not deserve, to be happy 
To feel free and unreserved 
This was not meant for you 
Your roads have crossed 
At an impossible point in your life
Daily routine needs you back 
How could one expect
To have no expectations 
To not cling to hope 
The mind reaching at answers 
This is it
This is why 
People embark in affairs

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