Quarantine Walks

Whilst living in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, and during the recent quarantine period, I would take walks around her neighbourhood every day. I started to notice intriguing features of the landscape which seemed to be entirely overlooked, simply becoming the backdrop to one’s daily routine. I became fascinated by the drains (Longkang) realising that they are pivotal in the urban planning of the entire city, shaping the layout of the built structures around them, and forming a hub for natural ecosystems to expand. The Longkang are points of collision between man-made and natural systems, in effect, forming a green corridor which cuts through the concrete masses of the city.  

The technicolour explosions within the collages create a boom of movement and activity, highlighting the sheer amount of ecology that resides in a single neighbourhood block and the beauty within these seemingly mundane landscapes.    

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