tumbleweed EP by HEAVY HOPE

In April 2019 I self released my debut EP named, tumbleweed. This project was produced, written, engineered and performed by me. I created visuals that were conceptualised, produced, directed and edited by myself also (YouTube link attached). This EP hosts 4 songs with featured genres of minimal electronic, lo-if, indie and pop. Live instrumentation and post production collaborations were carried out with help from my fellow musician peers I met throughout my time studying my music production degree at University. 
I wanted to create a universe with this EP. One that showcases nature, a urethral atmosphere and an almost daydream state. The staple for this whole phase was red roses, a green shirt and jeans. I wore the same outfit in each music video as well as the in the artwork. I had a storyline throughout 3 music videos made alongside this audio project - portraying the joy in detachment and the act of rolling with the punches. Much like the definition of a tumbleweed, once mature enough the plant detaches itself from its root and rolls away with the wind. This EP was me letting out the emotion and journey of growing up and finally finding the confidence to release my first musical project. I hope you enjoy!! 
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producer, artist, the stuff inbetween too


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