Place-based Embodiment

This year I began making photographs about embodiment – a profound and personal practice of grounding one’s mind and soul in the physical realm. As our realities are becoming more digitized and simulated, this is increasingly important. I wonder, what messages are our bodies telling us that we fail to notice? What sensations are we too distracted to feel? What emotions are we carrying in our bones, muscles, and blood? 

More than 60% of our bodies are made up of water, and water carries vibrations. The energy of the outside world is absorbed, internalized, and transformed inside us. Many Western philosophies deny this fact and presume that the water in our blood is not the same as the water in the rivers and the clouds. With my photographs, I want to show that the human body is inextricably connected to its surroundings and inspire a new ethic of place-based embodiment. 

I believe that these images are the best I’ve taken in the past year because they use aspects of abstraction, surrealism, and nature photography to convey this message. Capturing these photos has taken me out into wild places and brought me into closer relationship with my own body, my community of collaborators, and the land.

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