Inspire Me

Inspire me. 
Make me yearn to feel your words caress the depths of my mind
As your tongue caresses my covered folds

Inspire me.
Use your fingers to touch my frontal lobe 
Make me wet
Touch me there, my love.
Skillfully make me salivate with each flex
Find the G-Spot of my mind
And, love, oh will I love you

Inspire me.
Penetrate my deepest thoughts and fears
With your rod of righteousness 
Make me squirm in my chair 
As you mouth everything you unearth

Watch me.
As my eyes widen and my pupils expand 
To take in the beauty that is you 
Inspire me.
Like a good book does while I'm sitting at the fireplace 
Make me close my eyes and savor your taste as one does good wine 
It's rather beautiful: the way you put my insecurities to sleep
The way you dove into my being 
And starved all the hurt
And tasted all the wonders I kept coiled beneath my bones.

Inspire me.
Make me think of your magnificence when I close my eyes 
And remember that I fell in love with your soul
Make me salivate as you roam the overactive compartments of my mind
Stimulate my temporal lobe 
And, love, that is when you'll see love
That is when you'll taste my juices as they run abundantly for you.

Inspire me--
Just as I inspire you.
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