Doesn't get better in the morning

I hate the skin im in 
I wanna sink my nails on my shoulders and pull down till what he touched comes off 
and leave it along w the taste of regret on my tongue 
Leave it like a book that disappointed you with its ending
My rib cage is cold and curled up like roots left to die after it was once pretty w life 
The feeling in my stomach of sickness as if the butterflies were tightly turning in one direction only to free themselves from my mouth 
My mind uses a knife to carve these pictures that could have been us
It use to be with soft paint brushes 
as creative as your mind 
brushing your silent affection all over me 
And now I’m wishing I could go back in time to an empty canvas 
A canvas untouched like the words we never dared to tell 
Untouched like the chance we never took 
but we chocked on the colours 
Cause we’re safer in the dark 
Safe like your hands around my neck 
Your thumb on my lips 
And so I hate the skin I’m in 
How dare you let her know about us 
We were missunderstood 
Like the moon 
We were us without them 
We were art made from pain 
We were adventure, physically and mentally 
cause you took me places my soul would curiously follow 
like being in a forest but never feeling like it's time to stop walking further 
Constant satisfaction 
It wasn't love at first sight
But it sure gave me sight of love
You were malicious thoughts w a gentle heart
Like a hand covered in tattoos holding sunflowers 
Love is poison 
but you never know it until it’s too late 
Until it’s flowing down your throat 
And it’s already in your veins 
And so I hate the skin I’m in
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