The first good time

You tuck my hair behind my ear
like they do in the films. 
But there’s no phantom gospel choir
in the background, belting out hymns.

It’s just you and I
and for the first time in my life
I’m not thinking of the stretch marks
that run tracks along my thighs.

You stroke them as they mark a trajectory,
mapping the way to the holy place...
But you’re no hack in confession
I won’t allow you to repent and leave without a trace. 

You don’t put on Marvin Gaye;
or some other Motown cliche. 
After months of celibacy, I question
What even is a sexual healing?
It’s certainly akin to this feeling
as you’re suddenly kneeling
and I’m unexpectedly squealing
my body is unreeling
the petals of this flower

Your lips trace the lines of my being,
those bits I’d obsessively wished to change,
usually disembodied but now
you’re really seeing
how freeing 
the woman behind these parts,
her brain, her smile, her heart,

Rather than invading,
you seem to be waiting
for me to also reach the top of the mountain,
for us to conquer, together, in this crusade and
as my mind wanders to my wobbly bits and I’m just about to fall...
your hand reaches over the precipice,
and I need no further persuading
that sex should not be degrading. 

As you come up (for air)
I no longer care that my stomach feels bloated
or an unruly nest has replaced my hair. 
You settle my head between your hands,
more than a suggestion, less than a command. 
You look into my eyes
not at my breasts or my bottom
and so much to my surprise,
you gingerly peel back the disguise,
of a prim and proper and preened and polished
and perfect 
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